Friday, 12 August 2011

She Shines Brightly , and She is My Girlfriend

I'm right there waiting , waiting and waiting. Waiting for my little girlfie back to her house. She's having her dancing lesson. Babe , I really miss you badly that time. :')
Something happen between us last night. I thought we will have a nice chat along the night. Unfortunately, i break the sweet moment myself. I don't mean anything , I just told it out.
We spend our time together within this half year , what i can say is , i really enjoyed it. You're always my awesome girlfriend , pretty girlfriend , and cute girlfriend.
Sometimes i will laugh myself while sitting on the chair or standing at the roadside. Its because i will suddenly rewind the moment we spend together and the funny , cute action you did.
If the god give me a chance back to the past , i will reject it , and i say , i'm enjoying my life with my girlfriend , i will not regretted with my own choice.
I Love Her , Chong Chia Thian

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