Friday, 13 May 2011

I Went Her House With Her Mum Agreement

The mid-year examination is coming nearer and nearer. She is agonizing with her SCIENCE subject. So i decide to take adventure to teach her that subject. By the way , i am not really good enough on that subject. I then asked her , where should we go to do our revision , hrmm?
After she reached home from school , she was willing to ask permission from her mum. Do you know what her mum reply her? Her mummy asked me to go her house and do revision together there unexpectedly ! I'm so shock and nervous. This had been my first time to go her house and meet her mum. Bie , sorry to say that , your mummy really look so fierce , and i'm very scare of that.
I went her house on 2.30pm that day , we having some ice-cream , and drinks. Thanks to her mummy ! We take some photos there and i gonna upload the first intimated picture on this post.
Forget to tell you , i can't forget the moment i went to your house.
I Love You , Chong Chia Thian 

Eating Fried Ice-Cream ! =D

I like this !

Please agree with me , she's cute !

Chit-chatting outside her house ! XD

I Love Her

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