Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Day We Spent It Together ♥

It was a sunny day , with a normal daily life , i went to school and meet MY GIRL before the bell rings. She looked tired , sorry my dear , maybe we on called until too late yesterday. Feel so reconciled when looking your tired face. I prefer to give you a kiss every morning before the class starts. We are having fun when having the time with each other, every action of her , is so cute and unforgettable. I would just shot it all up and review it every night before i sleep. The most important thing , she laughed. Copied from somewhere else , you laugh , i laugh =)
I meet her after the school, and we had done something very bad ! Hahaha We went Alor Star Mall to have our meals and going to watch movie. We are so scared that to let our relatives or parent's friend saw us. Quite stimulating , but its so dangerous. X-men : First Class, the movie we watched. 
We went back to school earlier because we were lacked of time, before back , she offered me a kiss, SWEET KISS ever ! ;D
My baby wife , Chong Chia Thian was sitting under the hot sun and waiting for my competition. She keep shouting for me and making the cute action. Something happened after that , i won't mention any sad cases in my blog. By the way , cheer my baby wife , i'm always here for you!
Let's photo make some talk :

She's cute , right !
Hot Sun @@
She's not crying , but laughing! ;D

erkkmmpp ;D

I Love You <3
Baby wife , I can't always be your side , but whenever you need me , i will always be there for you, Heart you

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