Thursday, 23 June 2011

I wish life was a remote. Play the easy times. Pause the good times. Fast forward the bullshit. Rewind the memories.

Since our school , SMJK Keat Hwa is celebrating the 100th anniversary , we're all busying with those preparation. By the way , ME and HER were the same.
My baby wife is so nervous about the voting for keat hwa idol. She's losing some votes. I'm trying my best to help her, but maybe that guy try to promote himself in many kinds of ways, we still lose him some votes. Sorry baby , I couldn't help you much. =(
I went her house again , with her dad agreement. Sounds good isn't it? But i'm so scare and nervous. Her dad seems very fierce and 'naughty' , after having some chat with him , i just found that , her dad is quite friendly and funny guy he was. Her daddy cooked dinner for her young brother since her mummy was not at home. What a good man and husband !
After some while , we went to her singing song because her grandfather was watching football. o.0 LOL
I Love You , Chong Chia Thian. You're the most special girl i had seen before. No words can describe how much i love you. I'm so sorry to you if i had done something wrong to you. Miss you all the time , my babe.

I'm doing that , but she's taking photo o.0

My cute baby ;D

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