Saturday, 4 June 2011

A Trip Without Your Joining , Its SUCKS

I went Thailand on the past 2nd of june,  i feel badly for can't bringing HER along. The whole trip is not as fun as i thought. By the way , still needs to thank to my dad that manage to find time to brought us for the trip. Thanks you so much daddy !
On the first night i went there, i could'nt sleep at all. My mind was full of HER. She is my girlfriend , Chong Chia Thian. =) I have some alcoholic drink that night with my daddy , but not too much. We were spending the money like water , sorry daddy. Having the beer , feel some tired , i went back to the hotel on my own. The time that i lying on the bed, i start to think about her, looking our pictures , the videos and those recording sound clips. I really miss you enough , i wish that you could be on my side that time and i will hug you tightly.
It takes years to pass those few hours, i keep imagine that she's holding my hand and get a shopping time with me.
The next morning , when i woke up , i saw a text message from HER, i was so surprise that to see her message. I'm so touched and keep worried her after looking the message from her, did you all know what she text me? =)
To: Lee Bird Lang
老公,我好想你,我真的好想你,我以为,我可以习惯,才发现我不能,我不能没有你的啰嗦,你的烦躁,你的一切又一切,我现在想起那天,如果不是安全带,可能....... 我好心酸,我好想那个人是我,我今天就不会躺在这里想那么多。我就只有你,很多人都很虚伪。不要担心我,我没事,可能只是我想太多了吧?你现在在做什么呢?大概是在Hotel了吧?我知道你在想我,哈哈,好了,不说了,明天早早就要载爷爷去槟城了,早睡一点,虽然我知道你那边的时间才十一点多,不要熬夜,玩得开心一点蛤,晚安,eemuackss~ 我爱你 (:

I'm really touched after reading her text message. I just wanna tell her here , Chong Chia Thian , I Love You too , muackss <3 

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