Wednesday, 1 June 2011

When I'm Not At Your Side

I'm going for a trip with family today, and i don't know which day i'm coming back. I'm worrying YOU the most, will you have your meal on time when i'm not at your side? Will you sleep on time and not too late when i'm not at your side? Sorry for my wordy , please drink more water and take good cares of yourself.
Babe , i know i will miss you like hell tonight when i'm lying on the bed. Credit is not the problem , i will try to send the message to you , or even have a call to you. Please don't reject it , i did it because i'm too missing you. If you really miss me enough , look at our pictures.

Baobei Laopo , when you look at this post , i think i'm at thailand already. Just want to tell you that , i miss you always. I Love You sweet heart 
I think i will be coming back tomorrow , thinking to buy you something ! ngek ngek. Its time for me to go out , see you dear . Eeemmmuackksss 

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