Friday, 15 July 2011

Love Blinds Everyone's Eyes

   A horrible and lonely night i had , two days ago. She said something that hurt deeply through my heart. I stay away from her , let her to calm down and think wisely , cause i thought she's mature a lot to think.
    I'm not in mood seriously , ignoring her , rejecting her phone call , and lying alone on my bed thinking bout her. At last , i answered her call. Once i picked up the phone , I hear she cried. My heart was like pricked by a needle , she said sorry and apologize for what she did.
   I can't stand if a girl crying in front of me especially my girlfriend. Baby , i had forgive you , really feel nothing now , i'm okay , everything passed , don't think too much , okay?
   I saw she used liquid and write on my calculator : <3 CCT the next day. I'm wondering why was my girlfriend is so cute? I keep smiling to her , but she seems not in mood. I went my class after a moment and continue my lesson. I heard from her friend that she was crying in the class , i don't care for anything else and ran out of my class.
    I had a war with her TEARS for 2 hours. For sure , i win it and she gave me a warm warm hug. Baby , you're so ugly when you're tearing , don't repeat it , okay? My shoulder is always for you.

Remember your promises , anything happen , just tell me , okay?
I'm your boyfriend , i have a pair of ears to share about your things.
Chong Chia Thian , my beloved girlfriend , I Love You
Give me a hug whenever i need , okay?
You're always my best girlfriend ever.

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