Monday, 25 July 2011

There is no lies between a couple

Having a great schooling day as normal with her again. She laughed , she kissed , she hugged , she played with me. I'm really enjoying the moment with her and i'm not willing to stop this happy moment for just being a short while. Her friends are going to her house this noon , shall i join them too? Wow , it sounds crazy to hear that a boy going to gossip with a group of girls. By the way , i joined them finally.
I bring her to the salon , eat , and many many places. My car is full of her laughing sounds , and i like it. She suddenly asked me a weird question , i delayed it.
This morning i went to her class , i saw she was writing something on the paper. At last , she gave me a few pieces of paper.
Thank you baby ,
You're always my beloved pretty wife
I Love You

I paste it on my wall.

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